Quit using Queer, it doesn’t refer to the movement


“It’s a vile, nasty slur. Just because a particular genre of lesbian and effeminate young gays want to use it doesn’t mean the entire gay population want to be referred to as “queer”. Very few black people walk around calling themselves “n*gger” nor would the media or anybody else pick up on it.

In the last week alone I’ve noticed two straight Facebook people refer to gays and lesbians as “queer”, it’s like the naughty word they’re getting away with saying while hiding behind a p/c acceptance of it.

It’s NOT empowering. How many gay men and women (and even transgendered people) do you think died or lost eyes and limbs while being called “queer” as they were being attacked or beaten to death? How many of us cringed and began to sweat as we heard our fathers or friends say it when we were growing up, terrified it would be hurled at us, which it eventually was, at least a few times?

You’re not making yourselves or us ’empowered’ and you’re not ‘taking it back’ from anything. You’re perpetuating a nasty stereotype. We are not queer/odd/different/bizarre.

Please stop allowing people to use this as a label without calling them out on it.”

blame the morons of tumblr
r17 wins

“Internet Social Justice Warriors are the worst, however. They are mostly young, white, suburban females who have taken fag-hagging to an unwinnable extreme. They infest Tumblr. It’s enough to make you wish an asteroid would fall out of the sky and strike the next Tumblr convention.”

a convention would be funny