Feminism is defined as…


Actual definition. Oxford Dictionary definition.
Personal ‘definitions’ don’t mean shit, those are called opinions.

Maybe these people saying “educate yourselves” could pick up a copy of this magical book that defines things?

1. Subject = women. Only women.
2. ‘Rights’ = a nebulous concept involving an expansion of current powers.
3. Equality of the sexes = the pseudoscientific basis of feminism, based in Christianity and disproven by all known, harder sciences including genetics, physiology and the KO, neuroscience.

Together, these results suggest candidate regions for investigating the asymmetric effect that sex has on the developing brain, and for understanding sex-biased neurological and psychiatric conditions.

If feminism is science-positive, it should give up before this line of research continues and utterly decimates their cause by force.

Contrast with;


1. Subject = all people. Women are no longer special.
2. Deserve equal rights (treatment, including responsibility).
3. Opportunities. Not outcomes.

Final example;


What is rationalism, you ask?


The triumph of reason over experience.
That’s right, a humanist cannot, by definition, cite personal experience or belief at all.

Any fucking questions? I’m glad we had this little chat.

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Article: The New Newspeak


Thus, we propose a simple methodology for ‘decoding progressivism’: wherever politically-correct language speaks of affirmation of a particular group or tendency, turn instead to the consideration of the groups and tendencies that are to suffer negation thereby.

…Here are a few examples of the politically-correct terms of affirmation that might be re-evaluated according to the methodology outlined above:

‘Inclusiveness’: abolition.

….Inclusiveness of this type can be used to abolish not only institutions, but also entire peoples: for if terms like English or French are opened up to include anyone who shows up at the borders of England or France and claims them, the original ethnic definition of these peoples effectively ceases to exist, just as a house ceases to exist as such when it is “redefined” within the more inclusive term of debris.

….‘Diversity,’ ‘multiculturalism,’ ‘right of free immigration’ etc.: negation of the national rights of native peoples; ethnic replacement of these peoples.

Little comment is needed here, because the correct redefinition of these terms follows more or less directly from what has been said about inclusiveness: all we need do is turn our consideration from the “rights” of immigrants that are being affirmed to the greater rights of native peoples that can only be negated thereby, principally the right of a people to have a homeland.

‘Women’s liberation’: replacement of procreation and ‘tradition’ by economic production, consumerism, and taxpaying.

Again, this redefinition is fairly self-explanatory. However, in accordance with the methodology used here, we do not wish to dwell unduly on the self-interest of the powerful which no doubt plays a large part in their promoting a ‘liberation’ consisting of economic servitude; rather, we aim to focus our attention on the spirit of hostility and negation fueling the superficially positive rhetoric of ‘women’s liberation,’ which in this case amounts to a literal negation of all subsequent generations. Inseparable from this is a deeper negation of Tradition, which is used in the above sentence as a verb in accordance with its original meaning of ‘handing down’: it is obvious that if there is no subsequent generation to which anything can be ‘handed down’, the traditional values of an entire people can be destroyed outright; and this is why the “liberation” of women into the sterile world of the office cubicle and the shopping mall occupies a special place alongside the comparable barbarisms mentioned above.


Decoding More Terms: A Call to Readers

Given the constantly-multiplying repertoire of politically-correct terms, what has been discussed above can only be a modest beginning to a much larger work of ‘decoding’ – which, once completed, would probably be sufficient to fill the pages of a short dictionary. Thus, readers who have grasped the basic methodology used here are invited to post their own attempts at decoding progressivist terms in the comments section below this article. A virus cannot be combated without vaccination – and we cannot even begin to oppose progressivism, unless we devise methods for dealing with the lies and hypocrisies encoded in its very language.

Interesting approach, I’d call it re-subversion, since the PC terms are subversions of natural law in themselves.

Apply Autocorrect, Replace: “privilege” with easy life or happiness

  • You should be ashamed of your easy life.
  • Check your happiness.
  • I am sorry for my easy life.
  • Happiness should be equally distributed throughout the population.
  • No one should have an easy life, it is wrong.
  • My government program would combat those with an easy life.

Do you believe in magic, in a young SJW's heart? Cos that's primo magical thinking padre NB. The Autocorrect/Replace game is useful when considering political propaganda. Your results may vary.