God’s work

Working hard and doing doing great work is as imperative as breathing. Creating great work warms the heart and enriches the soul. Those of us lucky enough to spend our days doing something we love, something we’re good at, are rich. If you do not work passionately (even furiously) at being the best in the world at what you do, you fail your talent, your destiny, and your God. – George Lois

Video: The true time cost of entrepreneurship (and overnight success)

It isn’t part-time.

It isn’t 4 hours a week.

It’s a mindset that plagues you every waking hour.

This guy should be famous in redpill self-improvement circles. (Well, I guess they want a part-time get rich quick scheme some of them but the rest of them yes).

This guy needs to be famous. He isn’t a household name because he tells the truth. It is hard. It takes decades of work. In convenience culture, this cannot be true to us, we feel. And when you GET there…

I’ve had that. Be nice to nice people, gracious to gracious people and so on, treat as you find, but the bulk of messages you get from weak connections will be chancers, the exceptions. The two main types of user are casual and malignant.

The best response to the fake nice shirty ones trying it on casually is actually;

I was working every single time you were out having fun. You got memories, I got paid. That’s the price of success and why by now you’ll never be able to catch up to me. But sure, ‘luck’, it was also luck I got better grades than you too, huh?

The reformed bullies are funniest. It’s like a script. Don’t think it’s about you, hence I’m posting the generic script.

Hey, remember me? (they’ll mention where they sat in a class) Listen I’m so sorry about (awful things I did) I was just a kid and I’m really ashamed of it now and I’d like to make amends and I saw (successful thing you’re doing) and I wanted (contact, connection, time, free stuff), it’s (compliments, often back-handed, like allusions ‘luck’) and I’d like to be friends.

The bolded phrase is the entire reason for their correspondence. If their sweet nothings are so good or you make an excuse they really mean it (that’s your vanity talking) say you forgive them but you don’t want them to contact you again. Oh, they’ll contact you again. Bullies can’t stand the victim taking control away. A sincere person would not reply, not even to snidely infer you’ll be sorry (I hope you can find it in your heart….)

It’s like, honestly? You think I’m stupid? Do I have doormat stamped on my forehead? I want you to fuck off and die you abusive piece of shit, you set the terms and chose to start on me. How dare you try and patch this over and further screw me now I’m finally out of school and your clutches. That’s a healthy response to abuse, you are not a bad person for it.
However, if you ignore them, read their messages but resist the urge to reply (reply to a designated vent friend), the mask usually comes off again. Something like…

OMG you’re so ungrateful, (what did they do?) you were always such a (spoiled brat) that’s why nobody liked you and (achieving thing) doesn’t matter because you’ll always be a loser to us.

They still think you care what they think. Just reply: Grow up.
Block them. Done.

When someone’s first impulse is to use you, and emotionally blackmail you with things they have done? That is a sociopath. 1 in 50. They are immature and the best response is to outclass them.

Link: Dear Millennials, stop whining and do your job


Hey, I mock everyone equally.

This article is good. *smashes tea mug* ANOTHER!

We know the stereotypes. Millennials never settle down. We’re drowning in debt for useless degrees. We refuse to put our phone away. We are addicted to lattes even at the expense of our water bill.

You forgot “we’re way too sensitive to even mild criticism.”

criticism shield

Oh, you thought I didn’t have a gif for that. Sweet.

I’ve spoken to a lot of Gen X and Boomers about sacking Millennials. You know the most common complaints (from the decent ones)? They don’t turn up on time, they don’t finish the job/do it well enough, they refuse to get off their phone, they get political at work, and they feel entitled to the top job in the office within the first week, pouting and gossiping when they don’t get it. There is a minimum level of effort expected, and they simply don’t meet it. The thing they look for most is a good work ethic. However, sometimes this is taken advantage of, so it could be a circular problem of bad bosses using the talent to do the coffee run, and bad businesses have a speedy staff turnover, meaning we’re statistically more likely to experience those places.

Why do I gather this information? Curiosity. Helping friends out with advice based on something other than TV.

You can use this information to get ahead.

Study: The self-control consequences of political ideology

Other coverage here: phys.org/pdf354215618.pdf
and here: http://phys.org/news/2015-06-liberals
and here: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-06-belief-free-edge-self-control.html

Oh, r-types.

They want to be victims so badly, they learn helplessness and dependence and stamp their little feet. They reject their agency and wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

Gif is completely, totally relevant.


Serf’s up!


It’s amazing how hard people work. All of them want the same thing, but only a few percentage points of the population get a chance to have a life this nice; most people try to get rich, and do not succeed.

Immigration screwed over the workers, for certain. Birth rates compounded the problem. Life is a game because it’s a big competition.

Reminds me of –

Which I disagree with for some people, it works for a few (ie American men), it doesn’t apply to all of us.