WEF & Pfizer CEO: Internal chips for compliance

The people trying to minimise this are 77th brigade.
He wasn’t talking about nice, consenting compliance of people who need a thing, the word need was never mentioned. The QUESTION was about uptake, as in total population control and compliance. That is the frame of reference for his usage of the word compliance. Compulsory, mandatory, forced. coerced.

I have somewhat overseen research about this actually, some years ago. I believe it’s activated by the stomach acid? You can buy hydrochloric acid and dilute it sufficiently in water (to match the human stomach) then just keep using the same bottle for that purpose, pulling the old chip out with a magnet glued to a glass or metal wand and flushing it down the shitter after X time has passed. You can also travel with the bottle if travel locally is necessary. Flat bottles are available for ‘water’. Nobody will check your bottle of ‘water’, especially if you hot-glued a magnet to the interior of the lid, to hold the chip from plain sight. Maybe other acids would work at concentration like vinegar (it dissolves the encapsulation?) but my question is how strong is that signal to reach… whatever is picking it up? What is monitoring it? Must be 5G for coverage like that. It’s an internal ankle bracelet. That’s one way to have CCP style lockdowns without needing to board people into their homes.
Which devices are picking this up? “Certification” tracing apps? Prove U R Human?
This is a Way to ease people into Mark of the Beast, since it’s internal but technically not implanted. Seems like nanotechnology where it does implant they just fail to disclose that.
What is the strength on this signal as measured by EMF meters? Then it could be easily spoofed, anyone on the chans would tell you how. Just measure a week in a row, see if the signal is the same, then spoof it.
These people are sinister but not smart. They wanna chip you like a dog, they hate you. This is dehumanising. However, people with pure motives who develop it for the disabled may suggest workarounds for the cogent…. they may have calculated that Evil Corp would have gotten their filthy merchant hands all over it. So built in obvious flaws. To stop the grubby greedy merchants. Obviously.

Talk about a blue pill.

Critical Sway’s breakdown of the WHO “treaty”

Reminder: funded by Bill Gates and the CCP.
UN-cover for New World Order, One World Government.
And Bill Gates is already predicting another pandemic, somehow.

This chappie deserves a follow.

“I spent 12 hours translating it into English, so you can understand it in 12 minutes.”

I know former intelligence ops when I see it. Well done on choosing the right side, son.
nb This will force America’s hand to become yoked in under it, via the World Health Assembly later.

Reminder: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/614335

111k thus far. We did it!

I’m not pasting the whole thing, go read CS’s thread himself.

“I did a quick search and counted how many times certain words appeared in the Zero Draft.

Vaccine/Vaccines/Vaccination x 33

Surveillance x 30

Misinformation x 7

Privacy x 5

That should give you the general vibe of the thing.”


World Bank, as if you needed more convincing.


“Member states to give WHO more money…” THAN ABOVE



“Temporary” initiatives developed as a response to Covid-19, made permanent. And expanding their focus…..”

The eternal lockdowns currently occurring under the CCP, but everywhere. Even Italy, Vox. Picture someone barricading you into your home to starve and beating your scared cats and dogs to death in the street, as you look on from a tower block window, helpless to intervene. Bitchute has videos of the CCP holding people down and raping them with those toxic needles.

Is that traditional? I don’t think so.

Communists are monsters, postmodern monsters.

You are no longer a human with rights, but a vector of disease like a rat during plague.

“STRENGTHENING THE INTERNATIONAL HEALTH REGULATIONS • More capacity for genomic testing • Development of plans for emergency preparedness, surveillance & response • Development of National Focal Points (NFP’s) with sufficient authority in each country”

Genomic testing, why need that after all the genomic experiments? To better monitor batch outcomes m’dear. If it all did the same thing, why force people to record which ones they received?

If you think refusal is an option, you’re not paying attention.

China is known to be developing genetic weapons, and also stealing white DNA samples from the arrogant to sequence ‘genius’ and steal it from us. Go ahead, look it up.

The CCP wants YOUR DNA they already have their own people’s on file.

Same place with tracking software monitoring your face in public, coincidence? Surveillance.

Response? Martial law, raids of the non-compliant, seizure from preppers to disperse equally etc.

Ultimately? Those camps in every country, starting with Australia? UK’s “mega prisons”?

You only have a response to surveillance if you find non-compliance. Response means punishment.

Punishments will be REGULATED.

“• Development of travel and trade regulations”

Could not buy nor sell, lest ye had the Mark. Gray State trailer.

Will Trump ever comment on this? Or bluster about some random celebrity?

Americans, demand to Trump Jr on twitter for a comment on this Treaty.

“• More sharing of public health data and information with WHO”


So this is trying to make a global database including your medical data, DNA, so you cannot run.

They anticipate runners.

A system so safe and great, they have to barricade the exit, too!

Forced genomic testing, what transpires? Results.

I wonder if they’ll ‘happen’ to discover the clot shotees are no longer human? Zombie people, mutants technically, no longer biologically 100% natural and organic. Then conveniently no longer ‘qualify’ under human rights? GM humans.
Any mere attempt to steal personal, private data alone is a severe violation of human rights, national statutes like data protection (that the NHS is held to) and overthrowing Nuremberg, it seems. The public cannot be consented to do this via government. The government is elected to work on their behalf, not make medical decisions FOR them. They are not children, not disabled, not dependents and they have mental capacity to act with liberty. Right to refuse. It’s an individual decision and government does not own our bodies. The recent opt-out organ donation law and recent attempt to make a medical database for “research” in this country now make sense, huh? Do you trust the CCP with your life’s data? DNA?

“• Development of a digital certificate of vaccination” DOMESTIC PASSPORTS, SUPERMARKETS

“• Development of digital contact tracing in the international context” BYE BYE SOCIAL LIFE OI U GOT A LOICENSE FOR THAT CHINWAG?

This will be done via private companies getting gov grants so slap the nearest libertarian today.

Because socialism is okay, if they’re enslaving the whole world under an LLC!

The death squads are privatised, thus fine. – libcucks

Reminder: the Nazis stamped people as human/untermensch first.
This did not end well for the stamped. You may ‘pass’ today, but tomorrow?


At least the pubs are closing. Just following orders, my arse.

To enforce this on private social lives, military checkpoints will be required.
Like an abusive spouse. Called coercive controlling behaviour. Recently illegal.

“Where are you going? Who are you seeing? Show your QR code. No code? No charged phone? Prison it is, then. Comply next time, it’s your choice.”

“• Increased vaccine development, manufacturing capacity & regulation

• Initiatives to ensure people with limited means receive vaccines & other counter-measures”

Translation: more and forced. Regulating compulsory injections.

Counter: beat down opposition with batons, if necessary, French style. Drag people from their homes. Take children away from parents. Typical CCP tyranny.

This bit is insightful, final two paragraphs

“There will be no peace (from us/WHO/CCP/UN) until all “individuals” on EARTH comply with whatever we undemocratically illegitimately decide is “fundamental” to their ‘health’ and “security” (from our punishments). Mental and social wellbeing is dictated by compliance and obedience. By mental health law, asylums and mega prison (camps) are an option for those who refuse to kneel to Evil.
Big appeal to consensus reality. Magical thinking, King Canute style. Health cannot be defined. Invalid.

If any country backs away in any regard (unequal “development” is compliance, obedience) and refuses to control and oppress the individuals comprising its population, they will be considered a national danger by other nations. This implies invasion starting with Chinamen under blue UN hats. No begging for mercy from people who don’t speak English. This is likely how America shall be invaded, to “save” it from itself.

Actual doc: https://t.co/Ep6eZKasdG

“WHO Pandemic Treaty / Zero Draft Highlights / TL:DR review • More surveillance • More power to WHO • More funding to WHO • More restrictions on information • Less privacy • Less free speech • Less personal freedom • Less national sovereignty”

No, love.

Global surveillance using CCP face recognition data and DNA tracing across the planet. No escape.
WHO (UN/CCP/Gates) become de facto One World Government, New World Order emerges from it.
WHO controls all national banks, since they’re national and this ‘treaty’ is international. This is why the WORLD BANK is backing it. It’s a centralisation for total control. No appeals, no alternatives.
No privacy, becomes illegal. No refusal, no denial of consent. No opinion only obedience, wrongthinkers imprisoned for ‘disinfo’ with the NWO process proof. No personal freedom, need permission to leave your home, purchase food, which food (rations), carbon credits to travel and social credits according to ‘healthy’ GMO plant diet (implied, since they can easily relate this to health and DECREE it, COMMAND it) and nationhood DIES. You are no longer a citizen of America/France/Italy/England, but a serf beneath the WHO. They dictate where you shit and if you can wipe. Supranational serfdom, cult of control freaks.

Unelected power, impossible to check or oppose in any conceivable way. Violates English Bill of Rights, Magna Carta and ancient common law of US/UK. This shouldn’t even be tabled. The government cannot sign over its own role, it’s a paradox. They represent only. No transfers.

Despite mostly funding the WHO ourselves, they’d own us?? And you won’t rise benefits with inflation?

Medical Martial Law, WHO becomes your government, hiding behind ‘health’, which is unfalsifiable as disease. HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT A DISEASE.

Freedom is not a disease.

as you can see, Parliament, this paper definitely exists:

He’s right, you know (the evils of MIC)

The reset to Communism’s serfdom requires martial law. Martial law requires the military. The military needs a budget. Therefore, MIC.

National debt was originally an invention of the MIC. Never forget this.

I can’t believe nobody talks about it either. Well, I do, sometimes, in generalities, but I don’t want to get in trouble and that’s one of the scant ways I could, like, ever. Once bitten, twice shy.
What gov papers I’ve posted over the years are only lawful because they’re white papers, for the most part. They’re public information, I just “speculate” aggressively, based on facts I happen to have confirmed in a specific direction. Then, when it comes ‘true’ it’s like, ah, but how do you know I didn’t just have a heads-up, masquerading as a prediction to duck around the national security laws? Frankly, you don’t. It seems like I do. It certainly seems like that. I find it hilarious (and grating) when people rip off half my predictions for some shitty blog post (cough) because, missing the other half, they look like madmen and totally misunderstand what I actually wrote. Even the SJW fears to cite me, haven’t you asked why? What I write is in a very particular way, and while it seems cryptic, consider the source. Consider the topic. Consider the ramifications (legally) for me if I spoke as plainly as I pleased. Underground facilities are no joke and I’d prefer to avoid the MK Ultra treatment, if possibly. People go missing all the time near those bases. They do not fuck about. So what I write is ‘theory’, it’s ‘conspiracy’, it’s ‘speculation’ but never guesswork. Nay, never guesswork. There’s always some type of pebble for that ripple. There’s no smoke without fire. Sometimes even I don’t fully know what it means, I just know what I see. It’s like decoding smoke signals, I know I’m looking at something.

Google in particular is a MIC psyop, the nastiest one, and just as prone to steal the work of others, little guys, the real talent. There are geniuses in this era, the MIC and their bitches (psyops) crush them utterly. MIC steals under the Invention Secrecy Act, Google just steals because, without MIC funding, you cannot outlast them in court. They literally make money and use it against the people in their ‘ecosystem’, to control and surveil them. They are bloated hogs of monopolies and should be broken up. None of these bloated tick unicorn companies in TEK STAWK are any good, they’re just massive patent trolls like the rounded corners shit, crowding out or buying out the smaller competition. I’ve seen it again and again. Wonder why the Valley releases nothing truly new? They’re not the new guys, they are paid to maintain that status quo. They’re blackmailed with Burning Man videos and bribed with trafficked Asian children. Industry women have tried to whistleblow it. Nobody questioned it happens, the story just fizzled out. Technology makes people more free, free from the government especially, why not co-opt that? Ultimate controlled ops. That meets the definition of corporatism, aka fascism. The term corporate person should be illegal, it’s treasonous. In future, selling private citizen’s data (via any company, psyops do the spying FOR MIC) must be illegal, even for ‘harmless’ tracking like advertising. Cut it out. It’s cancer. It’s a violation of human liberty, a digital dog tag, or prison bitch collar. It’s a type of socialist bailing out of Boomer pension fund companies too big to fail. Well… they’re not.

How on earth can they claim to be American-based companies when they tax evade in Ireland? Is a company really so valuable if it has to evade its own jurisdiction’s basic legal requirements, placed fully on the shoulders of the poor buying their slave made shit? How can a company evade responsibility for something no American citizen can? This system cannot last so it must fail.
Companies like Blackberry and Nokia were taken down because they were harder, if it not impossible at times, to hack. Think about it. How do you catch all the data? By making the devices. And making them shit. If all the options are rigged to be shit, even the most paranoid cannot truly protect themselves. Blackberry is still quite popular with the Valley’s elite, and Elon Musk (who works in a national security position, aerospace) was often said to carry a Blackberry around very recently, for “work emails”. I doubt he just wanted it for the keyboard. What do they know?

And why is Apple still manufacturing in China, of all places? Why doesn’t the Left object to this, at least the working conditions? NPCs never question it. They’re like those robo cockroaches. Swarming when told. Could the Cabal backdoors then be blamed on the CCP, when it was Apple’s treason all along?

Such companies are too big to be honestly funded. Like all the London real estate ‘owned’ by shell companies, and nobody knows who they are. Nobody ever checks. Same in NYC.

You can tell I didn’t make that one because actually, Asia’s been hunting people down and holding them down to get it. Bitchute has videos. Some China cuck loser must’ve made it as more Down with Western Civ propaganda, which the pro-China shit ALWAYS is. The “You’ll be Sorry, Westerners” anti-white nihilist rhetoric from an expat with Mommy Issues. The Black Pigeon Cucks method.

UK version:

That one I made.

There aren’t many critics of me recently, since almost everything I said has come to pass.

Occasionally, however, somebody pretends I’m ‘paranoid’ on China. They own the West’s land, the food supply, the companies, the schools and the phones that tell them your location. They have chips in the smart TVs that spy on you. This is fact, this is real. Nobody denies this. I am never paranoid, more cautious. You’d have to be crazy not to be wary. Any patriots worth their salt should be seriously scrutinizing China. They owe the West billions in stolen IP, as Trump pointed out, correctly. e.g. Y’all wonder why there’s no good art when China keeps ripping it off to sell on etsy and redbubble, really? As if the culture doesn’t require legal protection from copycats, as that entire race is always doomed to be? As if civilization and the white Western worker doesn’t need protecting from foreign enemies, for the first time ever? Chant kumbaya in a circle you weasel. You bitch and whine that young people cannot settle families, while letting China open the factories, steal the jobs and the good Western college places and make cheaper versions of your Walmart products, to enrich themselves. The MAGA hats were originally made in America, but most of Trump’s supposed ‘patriot’ supporters ironically bought the slightly cheaper ones made in China, ripping them off. WHAT A CASE STUDY. This is why the West is close to death.

America has committed cultural suicide because its current crop of men are innately weak, race traitors and deserve to die out, mostly. They don’t know what the Chinaman having the whip hand would look like, they imagine they’d be safe and their way of life okay. It’s cucking, cuckery plain and simple. Power is a pendulum. Listen to nobody who states otherwise, however many edgy comics they sell. As China rises, America falls and I see the bloodbath on the other side of that. Everyone paler than tea needs to be worried. Extremely worried. The technically white men are so feeble and carp on about the 1950s, when they wouldn’t last five minutes in a culture minus Jewish pronography and Tinder. China is taking their top spots in society and they openly gawp, wondering who funds the SJW? Gee, and wonder whether a Communist party that hates the White Man for the Opium Jewish Wars might take a passing interest in destroying them with their Marxist money printer? Huh? They stole this position on the world’s stage, off the backs of whites, all our centuries of bloodshed and sweat, we all know of their corruption and the death camps. What do you imagine they’ll do to you, white man? You can sit there praising their ‘superior’ culture, like the Muslim-lovers after a terror attack. Fawning is strong in r. The crocodile is still going to kill you, it’ll just enjoy it more. Stop cucking for the CCP. I don’t much care for the rest of Asia, but they’re wise enough to hate China too, they’re never important by the by. But China is the hornet. Watch it. They owe you billions, if not trillions, America. Your whole future (racially, world demographically, culturally) depends on grabbing that back or just kill yourselves right now. It’s more dignified. You should grow a spine, stop the dishonour culture of cucking for the rich foreigner like Anna Bey and give a shit. More info will imminently come out about Chinese spies and secret psyop false flag CCP funding this year. (coughs in Anti-fa) Look at the teachers. Stop simping for other countries, for starters. It’s degrading. Getting pegged is more masculine* than simping for other races. You sound like a mudshark at a Kanye concert.
Watch what happens next and enjoy the show.

p.s. does my writing style seem familiar?

*the Spartans did it

Mark of the Beast covid chip ‘unstoppable’

This is how genocides happen. You’re seeing it in real time.
How many times must I be proven right?

Do you think it’s a coincidence, I called all this shit, two years ago?

Well, more of this, more than two years ago. It’s not just blogged here, I left crumbs all over online.


“A Swedish start-up tech company has invented a scannable microchip that is implanted in people’s arms and can display your COVID-19 vaccination status. This digital implant is designed to be embedded into people’s arms so your vaccine passport pops up when scanned.”

Thank the transhumanists today!


Fucking rip-off merchants, I recognise this research. I know who did it. 10+ years ago.

Satanic Mark of the Beast Thou Shalt Be As Gods. The future of humanity dies, non-human rises.

“HA will become increasingly relevant in the future because it is the binding agent between the unique skills of humans and machines”
Binding spell. Voodoo curse.

Sort out national IQ first, dipshits. The base is degraded as is. Those of low fitness cheat.

“Furthermore, the analysis and findings do not represent the official policy or strategy of the countries contributing to the project….

It is based on combining current knowledge and wisdom from subject matter experts with assessments of potential progress in technologies 30 years out supporting deliberations and deductions for future humans and society.”

Er no, it’s based on ripping superior people off who told you not to do it. Several fucking times.
In writing. Then you refused them funding, remember shit-heads? For having a conscience?
Deductions are often incorrect, you fucktards, you mean inductions. INDUCTION is 100% correct.
TLDR: Future humans aren’t human.

And y’all wonder why I hate everything. Even the military has SJW hires phoning it in. This is why Russia is besting us technologically. They don’t even know the technical meaning of words they use.

Can China just nuke us already, and put us out our misery?


Revelation 13:17 – And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The Mark is in the hand or forehead, so clearly a chip, inserted sub-dermally.
The Name is a corporate BRAND. Companies have registration numbers.

Paper quotes:

“The invention received a lot of attention when first announced with some describing it as “invasive”.”

The normies are still trying to rationalise this as a coincidence, fucking normalfags.

He said: “This technology exists and is used whether we like it or not.

Technology is banned all the time, have you even military? What dya think the black budget is? A fucking tea party?

The gaslighting from gammas should be a corporal punishment offence. They piss down all our backs and tell us it’s not oppression. I think the manosphere might be waking up to the fact men are doing this shit, women are just following along, like we usually do. Blaming a woman for being passively led is like slapping a seal for clapping.

I love the scary red font in their infographic. 57 dead, no shit? Compared to?

“That is what we are building at DSruptive and our goal is to transform healthcare on a global scale.”

God made nations. Satan wants One World Government.
First they want equality, then they want supremacy.

God actively separated the peoples of the world and still, some pretend not to know this.

While new in humans, this kind of technology is very common for household pets, where most of them are embedded with a microchip that reveals the animal’s medical history when scanned.

You live on a farm and they want your organs.

How feking obvious must they make it?

This is literally dehumanisation.


1. To deprive of human qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility: slaves who had been dehumanized by their abysmal condition. 2. To render mechanical and routine.

Bodily integrity is a human right. This has been argued for centuries.


Loss of human characteristics; brutalization by either mental or physical means; stripping one of self-esteem.

“When scanned, a PDF will appear that shows all the details of the person’s EU Digital Covid Certificate, which indicates their vaccination status and may also show whether the person has recently been tested positive for Covid.”

We never left the EU.

Mr Sjoblad added: “This means it is always accessible for me or for anyone else, really, who wants to read me.

This is why gammas should never have power.

So police checkpoints can scan you without your consent. That’s the main difference between a phone and an inserted medical device raping your body. Multi-pass like Fifth Element.

“For example, if I go to the movies or go to a shopping centre, then people will be able to check my status even if I don’t have my phone.”

Which people? Tell us!
Isn’t ‘checking’, scanning and surveillance? Note the Marxist word play.

For the many people that would be sceptical of the device, Sjoblad assured that the implants are not tracking devices, and are only in use when they are scanned.

Nope, 5G. Implants are always there, it’s like saying a pacemaker only works when you check it.

Mr Sjoblad explained: “If you understand how these implants work, they don’t have a battery. They cannot transmit a signal by themselves. So they are basically passive. They sit there asleep.

Lie. Total liar. Your body is the battery because humans have a subtle electrical field. The device must be sub-dermal for that reason. Your skin has a measurable EMF, it’s called a Galvanic Skin Response. It measures skin conductance, with or without consent. They MUST transmit a signal by themselves or else there’d be NO signal FROM them to DETECT. Does a tuning fork need a battery? Midwits.

A ping is like throwing a tennis ball off a wall. You need a wall. The chip is that wall. Saying it isn’t the ball is a very deliberate deception. It doesn’t need to be, to trace you.

Metal doesn’t sleep.


I’m sure some 77th brigade troll will tell you I know all of this by sheer fluke.
Can’t be a real technical expert, can I? Nah, Course not.

Sorry I refuse to be evil, ask the beagles. Personally, I only wanna help disabled veterans whose leg got blown up for central bankers. The super soldier shit is stupid and inhumane. Patriots deserve better.
Experimentation of that sort on humans with all their limbs is evil.

Note the dissembling:

“They can never tell your location, they’re only activated when you touch them with your smartphone, so this means they cannot be used for tracking anyone’s location.”

This is corporate fraud.

The locations and their scanners pick up the chip. That is surveillance. Like an Oyster Card. It’s the same as a fucking Oyster Card. Even bloody Oyster Cards are known to track your locations.


You can’t patent a tomato. If you genetically modify it, you can. Or any other organism.

Correct, chipping is a sign of corporate OWNERSHIP. This is slavery. It’s a digital shackle.

You will own nothing is no longer a conspiracy theory.

Ownership starts with your body and organs and you let them re-write the law on that.

Why not have designer drugs that wipe out undesirables.

I know this was sarcasm but look at it.

Darpha had the nanotechnology a decade ago. It is not necessary to inject it. It can be in your food or inhale it. It is all about consent. Simply chipping everybody and controlling their emotions and some of their thoughts, would lead to chaos and violence. 


Perhaps there is more truth in The Matrix than we realised.

But surely a worse crime is forcing or coercing someone into having something put in their body that they do not want? The government are the criminals, as they have proven, and they will no doubt be very much for it.

That’s called rape.

OK, it don’t beep all day and night saying “I am here.” It does allow someone who reads the device to record you’ve entered somewhere and that action is tracking your progress. You go into this shop, that supermarket, this pub, that cinema…. it is creating a trailing record of where/when you’ve been scanned on someone’s network of computer records.

And in the hand, so digging it out is visible.

Yawn, isn’t going to happen except to a few nerds that volounteer. Otherwise it’s akin to tattooing numbers on arms, and we all know where that led.


You realise they have concentration camps in Australia now?..

They call them ‘quarantine camps’. Look up ‘Howard Springs’.

more comments

The article is totally downplaying the technology. These embedded chips will also totally control you and your movements. So for instance it allow you to travel 3 miles from your home. 100 metres further alarms and electric shock. Already tested on animals and they create a virtual field

Open prison, open air farm.

The big worry is can they alter the information without your consent? eg, can they say you are not vaxxed when in fact you have been? That would be like putting you under house arrest.

Sure, that’s the big worry! Europe is so retarded now we almost deserve to die out.

He doesn’t merely wish to lick the boot but snog it.

Yes they can, its nano technology which is computing on the particle level that means they can send and recieve messages that can do all sorts of things without ones consent.

The comment was deactivated. He/She/It probably wanted to call attention of nano chips, routers, transmitters photographed in the injections, also blue tooth connections were picked up.

Wrong. They’ve been tested for years. If you have a 1 mile by 1 mile field and decide the animals are only allowed into one patch 200 yards by 200 yards the animals stay within that area because of electric shocks no matter how green the grass is elsewhere. You’re a robot

Anyone can go online and track a mobiles location using software. You only need the phones number. Great for tracking your partners movements or so you know where your children are or that your employee is working from a site. EDITED

They want mandatory vaccinations to bring in some measure like this (or the Microsoft microdot quantum tattoos) as a universal vaccine passport, which will then be used to “save the world from the climate emergency” and monitor Carbon Credit, and with a complete surveillance state over your power and travel then that will be just as intrusive as the Social Credit they have in China, if you post “fake news” or have the wrong opinion you and your family will have some credit deducted and finally after the Great Reset it will be used for Financial Credit, and then you are a neo-feudal serf of 100 or so billionaires who say you will “own nothing and be happy”.

They push something crude like this so Gates of Hell’s shit looks nice by comparison.

If you have nothing to hide then tell me when you children are next leaving your house, your mother’s maiden name, your bank PIN and your wifes phone number. EDITED

Also tell us if you have herpes, if you ever went gay and if you were ever responsible for an abortion, personally or directly as a sperm donor?

We need to put sanctions on this company now.

No, crimes against humanity, including advocating genocide, is international and extremely serious.

See (c)

Sections b, c (false imprisonment and others), d (inability to socialise and so, reproduce), e when parents refuse. Section a if people cannot buy food, Holodomor style.

It’s literally genocide by the UN definition.

What’s stopping someone from cutting it out and putting in a fake one


Police checkpoints. For your own safety.

You like China, right?

You won’t be given the option to be half-in. When you surrender authority over your body to the state, this is what happens.

Cowards don’t deserve mercy. Shoot deserters. Man up.

Put this meme up in my tomb.

They used to send out free AOL internet CDs to get the Boomers hooked, before charging. This is the same thing. Foot in the door technique of persuasion. Carbon credit deductions for travel, buying too much, eating the wrong foods etc. RELATED CONTENT: ON THE GOV SITE, AGENDA 2030.


They’re afraid their state pets (as state parents, SNP term) will run away. From what? From the compounds.

COP26 is a Reset con

Blame the people for their own hyperinflation.Global warming “climate” floggings shall continue until morale improves. ‘Member the document I linked to, re emergency powers in UK? The 2004 contingency bill they referenced? Next lockdown will be for Muh Climate. If they can swing it, I guarantee it. It’s been hiding in plain sight for nearly twenty years with no legal challenge. There are no conservatives in government, if there ever were. This is the same Saturnian Death Cult as Extinction Rebellion. Eugenicist Marxists, like turtles of SAGE, go all the way down.

They don’t care if they die, as long as they can take you with them!

The soul is long gone, you see.

That’s moral panic and Marxist insanity. It’s a cult and a mass psychosis.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

One eye and Devil horns.

Representing the WEF:

Pretty sure Q rumours of a Trump peace treaty to K/O Cabal are true, given this:

Note the Nazi World Order (One World Government) wording, “global leaders“.

There ARE no global leaders. There are national leaders, properly elected and representing the People, not bossing them around.

I wonder if the Masons got Boris to fuck a pig or just himself.

Of course the ‘future’ is the ugly Asian girl. Of course it is. May as well have been presented by Meghan herself.

It is stunning yet not surprising that Vox cucks for the Asian proz bands like Black Pink.
The weebs will never, ever see it. Women with tons of plastic surgery to look white? Liars??!! But look at the length of their skirts! Argh, such Boomers. “Isn’t this normal?” As they weirdly proclaim power over the West’s future, the way every girl band has every right to?! Guess I’m just being racist and somehow jealous again, for noticing how absolutely batshit this is. The controlled ops will say nothing. Their CCP child brides won’t let them.

Tell me, which part of weakening the West’s ability to heat its houses is “based“?
Although, it would kill the Boomers off with the resultant sniffles.
You will all eventually agree with me on the Asian question, I swear, it’s a matter of time.

The clock almost strikes midnight.

“We must act urgently, to prevent much worse”

Literally nothing is happening. This is used car salesman tactics. ACT NOW OR REGRET LATER.

Er…. nah? You gyrating skanks continue to let rich Arabs shit on you like Lohan. We’re fine.

All this global warming (rebranded to Climate Change) doesn’t stop them yachting, does it?
Cancel Cannes. Forever. No? You’d lose so much hooking money, you fucking sluts.

“we hope you will make the decisions necessary to protect our planet now and forever”

Your planet?

This is a girl band.

Propaganda. Like Captain Planet.

Oh, but let’s permit Asian Ho-wood to make our decisions for us, because they’re so much better and special snowflake and different, right???

Tell me, random skank, what decision is ‘necessary’ that you can’t just tell us? What’s with the excess lube?

With those shoulders they literally all look like trannies and I would not be 1% surprised. Gaga is.

“sea ice would melt and devastate wildlife”

Mars has ice caps that melt all the time. The little green men aren’t driving 4x4s. It re-melts. It’s how planets WORK.

The polar bears are being raped by black bears. They’re otherwise fine.

This is a picture of a storm in a teacup.

“the important thing is that we all take responsibility”

if Charles Schwab said this, you know the weebs would go apeshit

but it claims to have tits

so it’s OK

weebs r the worst simps

how about you stop using your private jet and everyone else just continues to live?

“it won’t be achieved without collective action”

Marxist call to riot over the post-Christmas period before New Year.

And claim it’s the ‘people’ angry at certain politicians. Passes in December? Anything to stop Christians, huh?

How about, don’t tell us what to fucking do? Did we lose a war? Culture war.

If you allow your kids to watch this asiaphile shit you’re a bad parent, they’re obviously toxic.

my ambition is that pretentious celebrities all step into the gallows and only come out with a body bag attached

imagine all the pozzed ones
it’s easy if you try
no Leo DiCaprio gloating
above us only …lies
imagine all the People
waking to this Creep
you may say I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only One
and soon one day, you’ll join us
and we’ll have just, hours of fun

imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
it’s called hyperinflation
just ask the central banks
imagine all the celebrities
dying of their own vaccine

you may say I’m a schemer
but I’m not the only one
where we go, all follow
to see the Masons panic and run
because they won’t get what they dreamed of
a slaughter of billions to appease the stones
and they won’t stand as modern Gods
…on a huge pile of worker’s bones

people are waking up to this evil
This is the Great Awakening
note all the speeding up of things
the panicked tone they’re taking
some will always stay asleep
I assure you, we don’t need them.

Speaking of, no major celebrity has had ‘side effects’? Statistical odds? Almost nil.

Conclusion? They didn’t really get it.

At the end, a logo pops up. Look for yourself.


aka the lovely white genocide people

It’s fake, you pigshit thick weebs. All of it is fake. None of the bands you like are real. None of the bands I like are real, either. However, Hollywood Vampires is a lot fucking better* than the trannies of ShitPink. It’s the same people pumping out anti-white propaganda re men. Bait for you to hate your race and ‘trust’ Asia. Good cop, bad cop and you fell for it. Anyone investing in Asia is gonna lose their shorts, nomad or not. They will pay for this.

Everything is fucking fake. Wake up. It’s all about control. They’re bringing out the big guns now and the little mangirl tits. They’ve had these cultural sleeper cells placed for years poised for this. It’s called a pincer maneuver.

“recently appointed as SDG advocates

“working to advance UN 2030”

it’s all the same club, and you ain’t in it!

remember this for the trials

Sunak, somebody who should have no power in the country of England, yet somehow married a billionaire’s daughter, is going to be trusted to fuck the entire country into extreme Third World poverty. Net zero = impossible, while maintaining civilization.

Note: it isn’t UBI if not everyone gets it. It’s bailed out the middle-class so far to stop them from resisting. The inflation has hit the poor. This is class warfare. They want you divided.

“an independent task force to determine what’s required

yes like a Marxist Gestapo saying you cannot do business because Global Warming

down with Western Civ, the plot advances

“Former Bank of England boss”

it’s a private company stealing from every worker in the country

nobody is demanding this


I’m so pleased these billionaires have our backs.

The Asian guy telling you not to invest in oil? Is totally investing in oil.

Green energy is mathematically impossible with basic calculus.

It’s too inefficient. They know this. Encourage every Guardian reader to go 100% into Green. It’ll be funny. Their green future is guaranteed, right?

The Asian tranny band is on the same team as this fucking faggot:

I am speechless anyone is buying any of this.

Gates, translated:

by reduce costs, he means banning things and placing limits on pricing shit that actually works (coal, oil, gas)

the cost of transition must be long enough, so that they can scramble to kill off the stragglers avoiding the coof experiment

“connect Gov resources with business expertise” fascism, that’s fascism aka corporatism

but Marxist Govs fund companies too

grants and equity to starve out competition by Marxistly supporting green shit that nobody wants to buy

guarantee customers, by making it illegal to buy from companies that have energy efficient products

the poor won’t be able to escape off-grid (poor areas are independent unlike green cities)

there are too many people in Developing Countries and it’s a problem, apparently

people choosing to live in a place are too stupid to do anything differently in their farming practices (like stop raising animals for meat, no conflict of interest there)

we will lose the global fight to continue poverty if we let these people succeed outside of our Global Society

we must force farmers to comply so everything is GMO shit

we’re giving special GMO seeds to enslave those farmers while pretending to help them (Project Magic Beans)

then when famine happens, we can shrug dramatically

and they’ll finally need us and drop their pesky traditions

we are the problem and sell the solution

this revolution is a changing of the guard

the path to progress is slowly killing off the useless idiots before enough notice

With me so far? Tell the hippies no more Starbucks. Coffee is bad for your carbon limit on your social credit. Who needs alcohol, Karen, we need green spaces instead of growing grain for your booze? Grain is also mostly Russian/EE, so no.


What a pathetic clown show.

“The whole world can afford it” then coughs…and coughs and …okay Billy Boy

Just a chance to implement a social credit system, a cashless society, a one world government, the end of all privately owned property, mandatory multiple 💉, universal basic income, the end of private transport, owning cars, the end of private farms and grazing livestock, the end of single family homes.

Yes they’re tricking regular people out of homes for immigrants by making up BS about electrics (to keep them out on ‘safety’ charges made up then keep them out), fake ‘surveys’ and spy using shit like boilers (for no reason) suddenly needing replacing (no, no they don’t). Ask how we know, little birdies told me. The government is against the people and always has been.

They want to make their enemies and their families homeless. For camps.


What’s all this about then? I have a feeling something crazy is gonna go down?

Doom-mongering? Where? That’s a crazy conspiracy theory.

“end human life as we know it” and that’s the OPENING

this is a very woke, very shit James Bond plot


I can’t imagine why Boris might be afraid of Judgement Day

It’s all about getting rid of cash, introducing an all encompassing digital currency, and pre-tax.


No they wanna tell you WHAT to buy. Your social credit score determines your access to bacon.


I’ll keep that in mind the next time I walk down my local seafront which was predicted 30 years ago would be below sealevel by now.

“locusts swarm” it’s going to be Biblical

Biblical Bullshit.

Wait, 4 degrees and no more Shanghai? Promise?

“lost beneath the waves” Miami is fucking Atlantis?

“we can get real on coal, cars, cash and trees”

slips it in, doesn’t he?

It’s literally a Doomsday Cult. When Beckies and Karens try to shame me about da planet I just laugh in their face. Stop going on holiday then, you bloody tarts. Finger-wagging eco Nazis must be mocked. Where’s the End is Nigh sandwich board?

No mention of Thorium, so it’s bullshit. They know turbines kill birds and other ‘green’ sources too DO NOT WORK.

Thorium does. Nobody mentions it. They don’t want it to work. They want the People desperate and hungry. Do you think smart people like me (or actually me) haven’t told him this? They want it to fail. To soften people’s resolve to resist them. Willing to sign up for anything out of envy and greed. Picture Great Depression x10.

He just admitted he wants to dial back the Industrial Revolution. The thing that made us First World. LISTEN.

“they will judge us”

sounds God-fearing, scared, Boris?

it isn’t like this man is known for (allegedly) raping his secretaries and other staff and forcing them to get abortions
hence his comments about ‘not knowing’ how many kids he has, because that’s possible if you’re normal

no, he cares about the “children” – like Epstein?

“a lifeboat for humanity”

we don’t fear our Maker, you fear God



Lets have a referendum on it and see how detached the world leaders are from their people

*My only Boomer quality is judging everybody by their musical taste. Long-time readers knew this about me.




in this house lady

if you do NOT rock, you are disowned from this family

[for real, if I listened to weeb bands, I would literally be disowned and rightly so

tfw my parent is more redpill than I am – I got called a cuck last week, it was great]

Emergency powers extension baseless

I still haven’t caught up on my appointments since the last lockdown.

Israel and Gibraltar had basically 100% modRNA uptake and their cases are higher than ever.
ADE hypothesis looking increasingly likely.
Note how frail the Queen is after hers. Coincidence? Needing a cane for the first time ever? Suggests neurological problem.

This was pushed through without a real debate.
Something about Labour dropping the ball.
This is terrible for the country, the economy and the people. Inflation will get worse and worse as they push punitive lockdowns and try to force the ‘Vaccine Passports’ in December.
If only somebody had been warning everybody. For years.

Under the state of emergency, they can LEGALLY hide behind it and LIE to the public “for their own good” so whether there’s even a virus knocking around, which it is, whether PCRs are effective, numbers with or of etc.
This is historic, even the Nazis didn’t dare this hard with propaganda.

The so-called Plan B is actually a ban on travel for the pureblooded.
Plan B for Mark of the Beast to buy or sell. They’re waiting until it’s cold so people don’t want to protest over Christmas.
They’ve (news) already warned people (read: Christians) from seeing family over the holidays. Curious how this never applies to other religions like Passover, Eid, etc. It’s an attack on Christianity but the so-called church will sit on their hands.

“”Nobody likes having their freedoms curtailed by measures but it’s prudent to be cautious in everyday interactions – certainly wearing masks helps that, it reminds people that we’re not completely out of the woods yet.”

Freedoms cannot be curtailed. This is despotism. This is tyrannical. This is not democracy, it’s a dictatorship.
Give us a referendum on emergency powers.
Oh, but they KNOW how we’d vote.
I hope the paranoid Boomer demographic is happy. While they can still afford to be smug. Eugenicists don’t smile too kindly on the elderly.

Let’s never go outside again in fear of a thing that has multiple early treatments and is 99.8% survivable!
Nobody trusts the media anymore and they’re desperate.

I think everyone can see exactly what is going on here There is now no Tory party . We are now led by a left wing globalist party which is based on the Chinese system of control .All of this was planned years ago , and when we were warned we screamed conspiracy , we should have listened .—–My last comment about this was deactivated , lets see if this one survives .

It’s all NWO One World Gov party. The death cult of green bullshit signalling.



the “government’s” own site

“certification regime”
New World Order
Nazi World Order, Q was right.

“The government set out its intention that vaccine certification could form part of a Plan B, however, final decisions on the policy have not been made. The government invites feedback on this proposal.”
Give them your feedback, internet.
“The government is particularly interested in views from businesses, event organisers and venue operators, including from those that have experience of requiring certification on a voluntary basis over the summer and on the proposals for the workforce.”
Trying to force an illegal surveillance society through private companies.
“The government invites submissions of evidence and is also engaging with stakeholder representative groups. This opportunity for engagement will enable the government to take into account relevant comments and views, making any warranted revisions.”
The time to move against this is now.

The EU is creaming itself because entering a domestic passport scheme with the commonwealth (and EU) would effectively let them re-gain the EU power again. But make it double.

“On Tuesday evening the NHS Confederation warned the government needed to take “preemptive action” amid “worrying increases in coronavirus cases in its hospital and the community”.”
Confederation? WTF sorta super-villain shit is that?

Sky News is boiling the frog and saying WHEN?
URL says how now.
Title said WHEN then they changed it. Search engine still reads When.

“• The government also has the option of making COVID vaccine certificates mandatory in certain scenarios”
wrong, that violates human rights on every level

SAGE is the Marxist organisation, full of admitted Marxists:
“The UK’s former chief scientific adviser and founding chair of Independent SAGE, Sir David King, told Sky News this peak in cases “could be as serious” as last autumn’s.”
and this known a-hole:
“Epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson said: “Coming into the winter, there may be a Plan B that needs to be implemented, which involves some rolling back of measures.”

Your fake fear doesn’t trample human rights.

Rights cannot be rolled back you sleazy Nazi little shit.

And it doesn’t even end the CCP home imprisonment policy!
“”But I doubt that we’ll ever get close to lockdown we were in January of this year.””
Because those people were murdered by the NHS with the lethal injection drug Midazolam plus opioids, which depresses breathing. Chemical suffocation.

Plan A is for abusive (gaslighting)
Plan B is for bullying Mark of the Beast (domestic pass push via businesses, BOYCOTT)
Plan C is concentration camps.

Why do the police, local council (in control of housing), coroner, NHS, and ARMY need to be involved?
Private sector is obvious due to domestic pass intermediary.

Red Cross, Coastguard and Ministry of Defence has NOTHING to do with this. Unless it’s like the trailer for the Gray State.

“Working with the media” section covers the propaganda narrative.
“the role of the News Co-ordination Centre
co-ordinating media liaison
media debriefs”
Ministry of Truth shit.

“Part 2 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 contains the government’s generic emergency powers legislation. Emergency powers are a last-resort option for responding to the most serious of emergencies where existing legislative provision is insufficient. They are a mechanism for making temporary legislation in order to prevent, control or mitigate an aspect or effect of the emergency.”
like income tax?

from 1b – “which threatens environment”
This has nothing to do with a virus. This is about Global Warming. (Climate Change is a political term, Global Warming is the faulty hypothesis).
The next lockdown will be a Climate Lockdown, pass it on.
3b – “disruption of plant or animal life”
No shit, go look.
22 (2) is creepy. Big long list of possible ‘interventions’.
j includes preventing or reducing disruption to plant life.
(3) (b) “enable confiscation of property” (with or WITHOUT compensation)
You’ll own nothing and be happy.
(c) “provide for or enable the destruction of property, animal life or plant life (with or without compensation);”
Reminder: legally humans are animals.
They also wanna genocide the pets. Even the good boys. Go tell the dog moms and cat ladies.
Concentration camps in d and e:
“prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, movement to or from a specified place;
require, or enable the requirement of, movement to or from a specified place;”
(i) create an offence of—
failing to comply, failing to comply with a direction or order given or made under the regulations;
obstructing a person in the performance of a function under or by virtue of the regulations;”
Killing things is a function now? Kidnapping is a function? Property theft is a function? Genocide chart rhetoric.
k exonerates the ‘following orders’ crowd, for now:
require a person or body to act in performance of a function (whether the function is conferred by the regulations or otherwise and whether or not the regulations also make provision for remuneration or compensation);”
so they won’t always be paid for ‘following orders’
l in light of:
“enable the Defence Council to authorise the deployment of Her Majesty’s armed forces;
Is it civil war if it’s the NWO gov attacking the helpless People? Or just mass murder?
make provision (which may include conferring powers in relation to property) for facilitating any deployment of Her Majesty’s armed forces;”
So the smug Boomers shouldn’t bank on the house being theirs for much longer.
4c – may NOT – “with imprisonment for a period exceeding three months, or”
5b may NOT amend “the Human Rights Act 1998 (c. 42).”

For those questioning whether those ‘mega prisons’ are concentration camps, why are they built next to an incinerator and why are they built and DESIGNED to have line of sight for guns?

(X-shape is best for death camps, nowhere to hide)

5-8 mentions machine gun fire types in prison security design
concentration camps don’t want people escaping and getting the word out

“b.   Traversing Fire. Traversing fire is fire distributed in width by successive changes in direction. The gunner selects successive aiming points throughout the width of the target. These aiming points must be close enough to ensure adequate coverage but not so close as to waste ammunition.”

and completely flat, like a gun range

Why does Parliament still have a gun range? To execute protesters as terrorists. Like how Biden calls normal sane American parents terrorists.


High security has guard towers, ARMED guard towers.

If there were no guns, you wouldn’t design in space for guns based on fire patterns that save ammo.

p.s. quarantine is for sick people, not healthy ones
so there’s no such thing as a quarantine camp
if they have no choice to go, it’s a concentration camp

re doggos and doge, very sus


They’re already trying to survey dog owners. Steer clear.

The left-wing Guardian readers won’t be pleased to give up doggo for the ‘environment’. It’s their replacement child for broody men and women. But dogs and cats are bad for The Planet, since they consume meat and produce carbon.

Video: Britcoin BOE-Coin, total government control

Totalitarian control. It changes one fact about your money. It isn’t yours, you no longer earned it. You’ve lost the ownership right i.e. to withhold it from the system based on consent of that system to rule you. It’s rented and they can ‘cancel’ your account for any reason, including none. They also want to see where you buy assets and have them sent, to ‘confiscate’ them.

Going cashless = treating every citizen like a terrorist.
They monitor all their purchases and need special warrants to do so.
Anyone who thinks that won’t end in their death is a fool. Something you do will piss off a bureaucrat you never met at some point. Then you slowly starve to death, or they make you steal food so they can imprison you. Welcome to dictatorship. Sunak looks like exactly the kind of inbred to take the ticket and happily watch while out-groupers starve, probably citing the Imperial Empire in India as moral righteousness. We have imported the enemy. Pedo face if ever I saw one (it’s the big ears, to big nose and beady eyes combination – Epstein had it). Combined with the gormless mouth, vacant expression and triangular head (small skull, gargantuan jaw) it’s definitely a low IQ person taught good fluency like a parrot or a monkey butler. Monkeys frequently flip out and scratch/rip their owner’s face off. Sometimes hands. Trained civility doesn’t last longer than the electricity. Cabalites are obvious as they are repulsive. Try to donate to a church? Sorry, it can’t do that. Try to pay for a wrongthink book? Sorry, it can’t do that. Try to buy a steak? Sorry, you don’t have the carbon credits and it’s over your daily caloric allowance. Try to buy alcohol in a pub? Vice tax, and it contains too much sugar. From Nanny State to Nazi State in one fell swoop. 1% of everyone’s wages garnished as reparations for BLM. You may laugh but – I called it. People think I’m joking, that I’m funny – I’m actually prognostic.

White people suffer from a terminal condition I call Firing Squad Logic. I always wondered with horror why white people, and only white people, could rely on an orderly queue to politely walk to the firing squad, stand in place and just take it. They obey because they’re cowards. They obey because they think it would be a waste of their former cowardice not to this one last time. Maybe if they’re very nice, the tyrant will have a magical Hollywood change of heart and not shoot them in the face. It doesn’t work. Hollywood has made men cowards. If you just comply a little harder, the rapists will stop attacking your wife and daughters! This begins with the Pavlovian bell conditioning in schools. I’d often walk to my class long before the bell so it didn’t dictate my actions. The other kids called me the weirdo.

When Jesus said turn the other cheek, he did not mean your arse.

UK army forcing testing on schoolkids

muh ‘but the military will protect us’ – no they’re whores, you don’t pay them. The army take the D-students. You cannot reason with a goon.

something something barcodes (paging Adolf)
something something told ya so
something something they want to sterilise you, wait and see
why else start with the nascent generation? Patient Zero of fertility.

They already don’t use parental consent for vaccines here, parents aren’t warned when things like BCG are ‘offered’ and the kids marched out without asking. They just do it. Teachers are state agents. You can try to stay behind, but they’ll try to intimidate you or lie about you ‘having to have it’. Then you have to threaten to sue and point out any penetration without consent is rape. Nothing less works. That’s why they’re bringing in the military. Good luck telling them no. I’m sure the paperwork ‘opting out’ will be forged or lost or mis-labelled “in the system” as consent given.
Keep the kids home from school, online is better anyway. No pedos or Marxists. Record all the teachers, in-school or online. Listen to the vaccine lies.

This is warming them up to forced vaccines, like farm animals.

Military presence alone is intimidating.

The child can also refuse at the last minute, how many know this? Also, I bet they’ll confiscate phones just before, so you can’t film refusals or holding minors down. While they permanently damage the brain tissue of children. Clear fluid is not snot, the brain is leaking CSF.


They want to sterilise you (hCGβ)

It isn’t just Mark of the Beast, the Satanists want to sacrifice all your children, including potential. All count to Moloch.

The Mark is also a marker of infertility. Mark(er) of the Beast (whose sacrifice is what).

You know, owned infertility, like a pet. The Bible says never to get tattoos, and your duty on this earth is to be fruitful and make godly children. Scroll for just studies but context is important, I feel.

HCG-beta sterilises women (and children), what’s the bet it’ll be in one dose of one mandatory thingey, eventually?  As you’ll see, all it needs is one. It mimics fatal cancer, encouraging the body to shut down reproduction to struggle to fight it off. Maybe not the first dose officially to force you all, better space it out to avoid suspicion.
I wonder where they’ll put this, along with other sterilising agents? Mistakes were made, woops! You can’t sue!
Am I crazy now? I’m only covering HCG-beta today, 101 style. Do your own damn research and share share share the studies, 4chan, 8kun, the works.

Sterilization programme imminent like Bill and others did in Nigeria (and other places). Then again with HPV (which reduces fecundity, when checked with age-peers) as previously covered by me.


“The fear of vaccines: Fear that a vaccine used by the WHO to combat polio can cause sterility in both men and women, has spurred some Northern Nigerian states to block a crucial vaccination campaign that is aimed at eradicating the disease from West Africa. “

And you call Africa dumb? They’re not.
Herd immunity is a myth, also covered by me, even at 100% “coverage” (impossible) doesn’t work (unfalsifiable, fake science).
Remember, most spanish flu dead were vaccinated soldiers (and nurses), that’s why it got so many young people.
A pawpaw tested positive for this, FFS. A fruit and a goat!
They never say in ‘outbreaks’ of measles etc, how many who got sick ALREADY HAD the vaccine (most), they’ll deflect or try to hide that topic.


“Efforts to produce a contraceptive vaccine targeting human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) face several important challenges.”

A ‘vaccine’ to stop you from reproducing. Don’t believe me?

Journal of Reproductive Immunology:

“Gonadotropin-releasing hormone/human chorionic gonadotropin β based recombinant antibodies and vaccines”

Vaccines have been developed against both GnRH and hCG and these have undergone Phase I/II clinical trials documenting their safety, reversibility and efficacy. The heterospecies dimer hCG vaccine prevented pregnancy in women of proven fertility without impairment of ovulation or derangement of menstrual regularity and bleeding profiles.”

Jump through their evil hoops and they might let you be a free human again. Keep reproduction free! Also, end medical segregation. Slaves weren’t allowed to breed until their master said so.

Anti-fertility vaccines, you only naturally express it when you have ‘advanced’ cancer.

“Ectopic expression of hCG/hCGβ is observed in many advanced stage cancers of various origins.”

Mandatory? Medical Marxism argument: I can violate your body with bio-rape implants because it may possibly help me, theoretically – or some hypothetical person.


“These reduce serum testosterone to castration levels causing atrophy of the prostate.”


The prize is disappointment. No lollipop.
“Castration levels” you couldn’t make it up. Evil has a PhD.

Guessing atrophy is permanent? Sounds kinda permanent. 

Linked to ‘adverse prognosis’ (death).

Expression of the free β-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCGβ) in malignant tumors is frequently associated with aggressive disease. The pretreatment serum concentration of hCGβ is an independent prognostic variable in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The three so-called type II genes (hCGβ 3/9, 5, and 8) have been shown to be up-regulated in relation to type I genes (hCGβ 6/7) in some malignant tumors.”


“This vaccine consists of a synthetic peptide representing, the carboxy-terminal 37 amino acids of hCG beta subunit coupled to diphtheria toxoid. The immunogen is pre- pared by linking the peptide to the carrier using a bifunctional reagent (6-maleimido caproic acyl N- hydroxy saccinimide ester)is in a manner to achieve predictable…”


Search engine (DDG) description:

“The second candidate vaccine is oLH.hCG-TT/CHB: a-subunit of ovine LH associated with hCG, linked to carriers such as TT or cholera toxin chain B (CHB). The third vaccine preparation is a physical mixture of hCG and oLH, each linked to carriers. These vaccines have completed phase I clinical trials in five centres in India.”

1989 publication date.


When you click:

Vaccines are under development for the control of fertility in males and females. This review discusses developments in anti-fertility vaccines at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India. A single injection procedure for the sterilization or castration of male animals depending on the site at which the injection is given, has passed through field testing and is expected to be on the market in the near future. Vaccines inducing antibodies against the human chorionic gonadotropin have gone through phase I trials with satisfactory results. A vaccine producing a consistently bioeffective antibody response against gonadotropin-releasing hormone is ready for phase I/II clinical trials in patients of carcinoma of prostate after due experimenation in animals and toxicology studies. Research to identify sperm antigens for incorporation into second generation vaccines is in progress.

This, in 1989. I didn’t exist then. Imagine what they have now.

Calling white people (or any) ‘females’ and ‘males’ is dehumanizing, especially intended to destroy you/r genetic lineage. Your God-given right. It just so happens black men recently popularised this use in rap, which isn’t controlled by a certain group with certain investments, is it? Phew.

They want you allergic to your own body. Autoimmune infertility, sterilization by antibody, it’s right there. CASTRATION, CHEMICAL CASTRATION.

A single injection procedure for the sterilization or castration of male animals”

It relates to cancer vaccines

Anti-fertility vaccine again

“Peptides representing the amino acid sequence of the carboxy‐terminal of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) beta subunit were used in studies to determine whether an immunogen could be prepared that would be suitable for an HCG antifertility vaccine. Peptides of varying length were conjugated to several macro‐molecular carriers, in varying peptide‐carrier ratios…”

Chemical human neuter sounds so cruel.

They think they own you.

Target for cancer therapy, apparently? Nice excuse. Sounds so comfy, philanthropy.

WHO knows?


“The World Health Organisation (WHO) Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines has selected the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as a target molecule for a contraceptive vaccine.”

You didn’t wanna breed, right?
How much would you pay for an anti-anti-fertility vaccine?
Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines….. selected…. target… fucking Nazi ‘eugenics’ again.

Christians are up first.

They later changed the name for being too obvious on a scale of really fucking obvious to taking le piss. Henceforth, it has become really fucking obvious.


“Over the past 18 years, the WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation has been supporting basic and clinical research on the development of birth control vaccines directed against the gametes or the preimplantation embryo.”

So including chemical abortion, like the Pill.

18,years, as of writing, totally off the cuff.



NO SHIT, THAT’S THE TITLE. They think they own you.

During 1986-1988, the WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction used the diphtheria toxoid as a carrier for a fragment of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) molecule (a conjugate immunogen) and an immunostimulant in a phase I clinical trial of this prototype antifertility vaccine in sterilized women. Between 1990 and 1991, it conducted teratology studies in rats and rabbits to determine whether the vaccine causes fetal abnormalities. The vaccine did not adversely affect either the animals or their fetuses. Clinical trials of the vaccine’s effectiveness (phase II trials) are scheduled for 1992. At least 2 injections several weeks apart, are needed to produce an anti-hCG immune response which is only effective for 3-6 months, however. So the same components of the original vaccine were placed in a polymer to deliver the vaccine slowly over a prolonged and predetermined time frame. WHO hoped that this advanced vaccine would raise effective immunity levels long enough to last for at least 1 year after 1 injection. WHO is conducting dose-response and toxicity studies of this prototype vaccine in rabbits and baboons to identify the optimal dose which would elicit an effective immunity level over a desired period of time and would be safe for testing in humans. WHO hopes to begin a phase I clinical trial with this advanced anti-hCG vaccine in late 1992. WHO anticipates that the preclinical and clinical trials will reveal a need for further modifications and improvements. WHO is supported multicenter research on antitrophoblast vaccines which target membrane cells of the preimplantation embryo since 1985. It uses monoclonal antibodies (MABs) and recombinant DNA technology to identify and isolate surface molecules. So far this research has tested 15,000 MABs but is centering on 9 MAbs. A study in baboons showed that 1 MAB reduced fertility, even though researchers could only use minute amounts of the protein in the injection.

Population control = PR for genocide. Go after the guidestones people and their love of carving stone.

PR is rebranded propaganda to the post-war period, rebranded deliberately by the likes of one Bernays. That is historical fact.

“Vaccines based on hCG have been proposed as a means either to prevent metastatic cancr6 or to control fertility’. Approaches to development of such vaccines have been pursued usij either the complete beta sub unit of hCG (hCG-fl) or the 37 amino acid CTP alone”

Most people wouldn’t want an anti-cancer anything if it made them sterile.


“The WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation. Its formation, objectives and research activities”

“As a result of this inter national, collaborative effort, a prototype anti-HCG vaccine is now undergoing clinical testing, raising the prospect that a totally new family planning method may be available before the end of the current decade.”

Guess the year. Guess. I’ll tell you in a few lines.*

“Immunization to regulate fertility…”

“produced by placental cells”

*It’s 1991 published above re WHO. 
PDF here: https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

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“Even though the idea of a birth control vaccine was gaining traction

… WHO task force trial undertaken on women in Sweden testing the vaccine …”

described in SEO brief

paywalls should be illegal

maybe you can find this paper on the piratebay of academic papers


No excuses. Weird they hide this recent one re Swedish info, because it’s ongoing?


Published 1997.

Contesting claims on the safety and acceptability of anti-fertifity vaccines

spellings are often deliberate to thwart SEO

Contesting claims on the safety and acceptability of anti-fertility vaccines


This paper describes the controversy surrounding anti-fertility vaccines, focusing on the antihCG vaccine. It deals first with the rationale that researchers give for the development of antifertility vaccines, and the specific requirements that they set for the new contraceptive method.
Two distinct prototypes of anti-hCG vaccines are clearly emerging, one of which might be
characterised as maximising safety and the other as maximising efficacy. A vocal group of
women’s health advocates have opposed the development of both prototype vaccines, pointing to
theoretical health risks and the potential for abuse, and call for a stop to further research. This
paper shows how the scientists’ discourse on safety and acceptability of the technology to future
users has changed in response to the critique of women’s health advocates. Finally, it reflects on
the role of women’s health advocates in contraceptive technology development, and the
responses of researchers to their actions.

They took over womens’ groups to avoid discussion of important issues.

TLDR trust the “scientists” what human ‘error’? let alone ‘evil’ trust the ‘experts’

you know, pre-replication crisis

scientists often own stock so….. null appeal


The possibility of a contraceptive vaccine targeting human chorionic gonadotropin has long been recognized, but never fully realized.

weird, previously they’ve claimed success in ‘trials’?

they think you’re stupid

you can’t ban something they claim doesn’t exist (yet)

Here we describe an epitope-specific approach based on immunogenic display of hCG-derived peptides on virus-like particles of RNA bacteriophage. A number of recombinant VLPs were constructed, each displaying a different hCG-derived peptide. Some were taken from the disordered C-terminal tail of the hormone, another came from an internal loop, and yet another was an epitope mimic produced by affinity-selection on an hCG-neutralizing antibody target. Immunization of mice with some VLPs yielded antisera that bound the hormone and neutralized hCG biological activity.”

neutralised, like a threat
neutered you – like a dog

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I haven’t posted this previously to avoid it getting censored prematurely.
Is anyone else keeping a tally of how many times I can piss off the WHO or NWO people without being murdered? Just me?

Mark of the Beast is already here

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huh, reminds me of an agenda

Not today, Satan.

Armbands with shapes on are so last century.


And the gaslighting so you accept the programming.

It’s inevitable – so don’t question it, warn people or seek alternatives! INEVITABLE!

Humans have a right to medical, physical integrity, remember that. Human right.

I bet there are Esalen cult ties via Valley funding.



totally not a Gov experiment

ignore all the military people

pure coincidence

put them on a podcast

they’re totally not psyops

they just think God’s human design isn’t good enough

and you need to be a corporation’s product

you wouldn’t be like, their slave or anything

but you will need to conform to their policies on wokeness or else require surgery to remove their item

seriously – there’s nothing wrong with a plastic bracelet. It’s called a watch. You can easily remove, replace and clean them. So why do they want it in you? In case you run.