Censorship paradox

But seriously you can’t steal earnings.

He can and should immediately go to a lawyer to get his income IN FULL.

It’s theft by definition, you can’t keep someone else’s earnings.

YT/Goog is only the middle man too. This is a clear violation of worker’s rights.

When someone gets your work/income for free? That’s called slavery.

Also an argument for tortious interference, for preventing him from working with advertisers. It’s an obstruction.

Youtube purge list

Roman unpersoning.

Banned- YouKipper The Great Order Varg

Demonetised- Martin Sellner James Allsup Steven Crowder Red Ice TV SinatraSays

Videos deleted- Angelo John Gage Gavin McInnes Milo Red Ice TV Black Pigeon Speaks Drunken Peasants Press For Truth J.F Gariepy


They’re going Daenerys Targaryen on their own platforms, the people make it interesting.

Youtube short on edgy shekels


The whores of Patreon must be concerned.

Wow… Youtube is dead.
That’s the only reason anyone went there.
They’re worse than the Puritans. CROMWELL APPROVES.

You want mainstream money, you’d better follow mainstream narrative.

Ironically, these people were also (rightfully) complaining that popular entertainers make too much money.

evil grin lol smile happy

Not limited to Jennifer Lawrence.

They’re correct – if it’s art and these people would do it anyway, it’s just a hobby, and those excessive fees are not justifiable.

No platform monopoly, no monopoly money.